Think Outside the Box

“The revolution will not be televised.”

Supposedly 76% of Americans don’t want to vote for Trump or Clinton.

It’s very obvious why. People are fed up! We don’t want a two party tyranny promoted by monopolized media. 

Why not just join the Green Party and vote for Dr. Jill Stein and the New Green Deal?

Most people would say it’s not possible.  They would tell you it’s impossible for her to actually win.

That’s BULL. 

Fear thrives on the “impossible”; a thief of our subconscious rooting to truth.

If every person who said, “I can’t vote for Jill Stein because it will take votes away from Hillary Clinton” were to support Stein and share their sentiments with friends, family, social media, etc., we could actually make huge waves (an unexpected Tsunami). 

The Green Party platform approaches leadership with intelligence, presenting real solutions to real issues. 

Climate change is not a joke. 

We are in World War III right now. 

Oil is not a sustainable resource.

(The list goes on and on)

Do the math. The system we have is not on a trajectory that fits the needs of the human race.

Also, there is so much more to civil rights than black lives matter (indigenous rights [ex. Dakota Pipeline], slave labor, LGBTQ, sex and drug trafficking, pollution [the Great Barrier Reef is almost dead]…this list also goes on and on ).

My point here really is to raise the question…

 How do we lift the heavy heel of oppression from crushing the liberties of ethnic groups if we can barely pull the curtain back to look at the oppression of humanity as a whole? 

Dr.Stein is not only knowledgeable on these issues, she is a critical thinker and innovative presence that approaches these obstacles with true logic and reason. What does progress really mean to you? How about freedom?

Bottom line: We can do better.

This is about doing the right thing for the future.

The reason I titled this post “Think Outside the Box” is because Jill literally isn’t a part of the mainstream media picture…via the “television box”. 

I urge everyone to at least listen to the candidate that didn’t make it into the circus show puppet debate. 

Below is a video link to Dr. Jill Stein’s answers to the debate questions. Trust me, you can watch her parts without feeling heartburn or palpitations. 

(Video starts at 1 min 45 sec mark.)


Twisty Time 

I want to take better care of my hair and learn more ways to style it naturally. What better way to learn than to record the process? Here’s my first hair tutorial video (maybe my last), but it was fun to create and I’m one step closer to mastering my mane. Yay for healthy hair and loving the journey! 

Link to video tutorial below! 

Three Strand Twists

learn & love


Live in divine purpose, love the journey, and seek the light of truth. Know that each and every one of us carries a unique light with the potential to illuminate the shadows of existence, unveiling the beauty of all that is yet to be discovered and understood. My expanse into this portal of revelation is through immersion in art, yoga and science; the intimidation of the unknown dancing with the thirst of curiosity. In my search to find where these phenomena collide, I met a true appreciation for the quenching awesomeness of knowledge, the essence of wonder; a path to freedom.


Tavia Rahki




Dear fellow Human,

No one can do you quite like you. I think exploring that universe is one of the finest adventures life has to offer.


Tavia Rahki

Message to Self 

I got this butterfly in Peru 2012 and I’ve had it on my wall ever since as a reminder that we are all evolving and changing.

You don’t have to explain everything to everyone. Your life is yours alone to understand. Like abstract art, it’s simply there… it speaks a story without saying anything at all. People may have different interpretations of your life that are far from your own, some may make assumptions about what you do or why.  Sometimes these judgements come from the ones we care deeply about; friends, family, peers etc. 

 That’s okay. That’s expected. That’s a part of life. 

What matters is your genuine honesty with all that is you!

 Stand tall on your two feet and walk the walk. It’s your journey…the only person who needs to grasp the impact and purpose of each step is you. 

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Waffles


(soy -free & dairy-free with vegan option)

(This recipe can be made vegan by leaving out the egg or using an egg replacer)



1 cup unsweetened cashew milk

1 cup vanilla almond milk

1 tsp apples cider vinegar

1/4 cup of organic coconut oil (butter flavored)

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/3 cup organic pumpkin pie mix

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg (organic cage free)


2 tsp organic cane sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

Pinch of ginger

Pinch of nutmeg

Pinch of allspice

3/4 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

2/3 cup gluten free Oats (blended to flour or whole)

2 cups Bobs all purpose gluten free flour blend


(I say construction here instead of instruction because this is your creation, tweak little things here and there to suite your needs/wants lol)
– Mix apple cider vinegar and milk and let stand for several minutes. (Good time to get the rest of the wet ingredients together)

– Thoroughly mix wet ingredients.

– In a separate bowl mixed dry ingredients.

– Gradually combine flour into the wet ingredients (stir while adding little by little.)

– Start Pre-heating your waffle maker

– Mix batter until smooth and medium thickness (a slow thick pour, not runny or chunky)

This is an example of what NOT to do…this batter is too thick and too chunky.

– Taste the batter and see if you want more spice or sweetness (start with less and you can always add more )

– Proceed to use your waffle maker at its optimal settings for golden waffle production

Eat and enjoy!

(I added edible flowers because I was overly excited about using them to make something pretty. tee hee hee)

Please share your review, tips , complaints etc. with me so I can improve my cooking experiments. Also, feel free to ask any questions or just say hi lol🙂


Tavia Rahki 

Berry Kale Bliss Smoothie

This smoothie is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, B- complex vitamins and important phytochemicals like anthocyanins and bioflavonoids. 

This smoothie is light with a yummy tang and pairs well with balancing morning carbs like oatmeal, toast, etc. 

I drank mine after a workout, paired with one Kashi gluten free cinnamon waffle (topped with banana). 

It’s also super easy to make!


1 cup fresh kale 

1 raspberry coconut yogurt (So Delicious brand)

1/2 cup coconut water

1 large handful of frozen dark cherries

1 handful of frozen blueberries

1 handful of frozen raspberries

1 palmful of chia seeds 

Blend well and enjoy!

Tavia Rahki 

Dealing with Divorce

After my parents divorced I couldn’t look at ‘The Huxtables’ without feeling a ripping tear at my heart. (I grew up watching the Cosby show with my family and I remember the pride I had in how perfect I felt my family was). Keep in mind, I was just a year shy of starting college when the divorce monster was birthed from nowhere (at least for me it seemed quite sudden). My point is, it was the hardest thing I’ve dealt with in my 25 years. 

(still thankful, I know it could be worse …trying to stay as positive as possible here)

Divorce is hard. I assume everyone knows this… so, I guess that’s why I haven’t ever written about it from my personal experience. 

The hardest part of all is trying not to re-live the past over and over in my mind, analyzing what went wrong or trying to put pieces together. It’s exhausting. 

 I can now say that for the first time I didn’t see the past or feel anger and grief, I didn’t think first of my “used-to-be” family…(I saw this photo while searching for memes and my first thought was of how cute and convincing Cliff and Claire were at acting in love on the show. Their chemistry was amazing.) My parents had that picture perfect love as well, but it was very real! That’s what makes divorce so difficult and hard to understand.  

  I love the gift of love and I want everyone to find theirs truly. 

Understanding that everyone deserves this blessing, sets me free form condemning either of my parents for divorce. 
If I do sit and think about it for too too long (more than a few minutes), I do feel the tickles of despair creeping in, but I’m choosing to not let that pull me back. I’m moving forward.  I think I am feeling true forgiveness.  I’m thankful to be writing about this without crying or feeling a hot intensity behind my neck and throat, without placing blame or feeling inadequacy. I have my yoga teacher training to thank greatly for guiding me to this open self reflection and expression.

So Mom and Dad, I love you both dearly and I’m glad the stars aligned, and He put us together (literally our DNA is unique to us in a special way!). I wish nothing but joy  for you both. Thank you for making me who I am today.

I’m healing! I’m healthy! I’m happy! I’M HERE!

That’s something to celebrate.

I think I’ve been approaching life in simple dimensions, trying to gather all the information I can to crack the code. But maybe, it is not a puzzle to be solved, it’s an experience to be had. Being in the moment is truly the only way to be satisfied with not having all the answers. True happiness. But there’s a catch, you can’t live in ignorance either. You take on the full experience. The good and the bad (still figuring out what that really means). And then I guess you have some faith and  the whole picture  comes together.  

September Eleventh Two-thousand & sixteen – Feels

The more I seek, the more I witness and discover key details of our existence becoming a part of my conscious reality. Like how timeless struggles for power and survival have shaped the state of today’s human experience. I cannot ignore the distrust, the lack of interconnectedness. Many have distrust of our own country and its leaders, of our neighbors, sometimes even our families. It’s a daunting curiosity that lingers in almost every space; the feeling of wondering how safe we are in the most seemingly comfortable places. We are too deeply entangled in our our delusions and addictions to recognize and approach this distrust with an air of unified clarity. To me it feels like a white noise that either keeps you asleep or is a constant reminder of a much needed awakening. My heart tells me to trust the timing of the universe and the power of love. By confidently trusting in a Divine web of perfect timing through love and humility, we can cast out any fears or paranoia about matters beyond our individual control. I want to send my love to the lives lost and the minds traumatized by the events that occurred on 9/11. We all hope that nothing like this will every happen again, but it has…and it continues to happen on and off “our soil”. (Big or small, events like this only display the lowest and most chaotic vibrations of human potential).I pray that we can come together to do better, to illuminate the future with compassion and understanding, and with genuine respect for the differences of nations. I pray for unity. I pray for peace. I pray for progress. I pray for global enlightenment.